2018 Youth Summer Intensive

Alias Dance Project is committed to educating youth living in urban and rural areas. We believe that through sharing our art form we can provide and invaluable experience that will help build confidence, pride and self esteem. Alias Strives to build a safe environment for free expression, uninhibited movement and lots of learning. Using methods that emphasize collaboration, we encourage a dialogue and together with our students we work to build a sense of community in positive and encouraging ways.

This summer intensive has been created to offer young artists an opportunity to study and work in a professional environment with celebrated teachers, creators and performers.

We hope to promote a culture of artistic expression and nurture the creativity.

Ryan Lee

Independent Dance Artist Ryan Lee graduated from Ryerson University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts. He has been fortunate to have the opportunity to work with such companies as Human Body Expression, ProArteDanza, Toronto Dance Theatre, Kaeja d’Dance, Anandam Dancetheatre, inDANCE, The Chimera Project and TOES for Dance. Ryan has made choreographic works for ProArteDanza, Anandam DanceTheatre, The Emerging Artist Intensive, George Brown College, Canadian Contemporary Dance Theatre, Dance Ontario and The School of Toronto Dance Theatre.


Floor Work Foundations  This class explores the bodies natural relationship to the floor and how the use of functional mechanics can aid in physical efficiantcey. Dancers will research active release/muscular tone, structural support, and momentum through a series of set exercies that work in and out of the floor. This work will harness a greater sense of strength/control and coordination that will allow a dancer to access a more dynamic range in contemporary creation.

Partnering Foundations  Dancers will explore different types of connection through a series of physical improvisational excercises that will train sensory skills and kinetic response. Physical listening, weight share, momentum and functional mechanics will be researched through independent, duet and group work.

These skills will allow dancers to harness a greater awareness of space and energy and able them to be more confident and versatile in contemporary collaboration.

Amanda Davis

Amanda Davis is a Toronto based dancer and educator with a BFA in Theatre Performance Dance from Ryerson University (2010). Amanda currently dances and collaborates professionally with Alias Dance Project.

Amanda has performed in works choreographed by Valerie Calam (Company Vice Versa), Hanna Kent (skindiversdancecompany), Julia Aplin, William Yong, Lauren Cook ( Alias Dance Project), Troy Feldman and Hanna Kiel. She has performed in the 17th Internationales Solo-Tanz-Theatre Festival in Stuttgart Germany, The Toronto Fringe Festival, Fashion Arts Toronto, MOonhORsE Dance Theatre’s Dance and Design Project, CONTACT|THIS IS AN EXPERIMENT, Toronto’s Animating Historic Spaces, Toronto’s SummerWorks Performance Festival and Dance: made in Canada/fait au Canada.

Amanda has delivered dance classes/workshops across Toronto for over 8 years to dancers of all ages. She has worked closely with The Royal Conservatory of Music as an artist educator and consultant in curriculum development, The Dance Institute, Wishing Well Montessori School, Harmony School of Dance and Music, The Cornerstone Studio, The Toronto Cricket, Skating and Curling Club and Propel Dance Centre.


Contemporary Ballet  The focus of this class is to build upon the dancer’s individual understanding of natural alignment and form, while reworking the pathways in which ballet technique is used to drive and support movement. Exploring the connection and balance between placement, strength, release and breath, dancers will create space to move with freedom and fluidity.

Troy Feldman

Troy is a Toronto based choreographer, dancer, parkour artist, acrobat, actor, stuntman and puppeteer. Within the street dance community Troy is known for his unique brand of free style movement combining breakdancing, free running, acrobatics, contemporary and house dancing. A self-taught dancer, Troy is part of various crews including house groups (Warehouse Jacks), breakdance groups (Albino Zebras, Supernaturals, ABS Crew, Conscious Souls), and was an original collaborator with the urban dance company, Gadfly. His dancing has taken him across Canada, the United States and Europe both as a performer and a competitor in breaking competitions. Troy is a choreographer with Alias Dance Project, most recently co-creating work in Through Your Eyes and Alias Animates Todmorden Mills.


Contemporary Breaking  A mixture of freestyle street dance (house dancing, breaking, social dances) with a strong contemporary aesthetic. This workshop also explores cinematic movement (creature and sci-fi) and movement inspired by nature.

Kosi Eze

Kosi Eze started her training in 2012. Since then, she has been trained in various styles of dance including House, Hip-Hop, Popping, and Locking. Since then, she has become a valued member of the Rebels De La Soul, Warehouse Jacks, Symbiotic Monsters dance collectives as well as being involved with UNITY Charity as an artist educator and program facilitator.

Along with representing the Canadian team in two categories for Keep On Dancing International Street Dance competition in Los Angeles, she has extended her reach to dance communities in North America and most recently, the United Kingdom. Kosi continues growing within the street dance community locally while striving to represent Canada on an international level.


House Dance  This class will be focused on the execution of the three main principles of hip hop dance : rock, bounce and groove.

Accompanied by exercises, games and other facilitation tools, the goal is to understand how these three principles can be applied to and presented within many genres of music.

Kylie Thompson

Originally from Barrie, Ontario, Canada, Kylie holds an honours degree in Kinesiology from McMaster University. She has performed in contemporary and commercial works by Hanna Kiel, Gadfly Dance Company, Alias Dance Project, Keren Rosenberg (IL), Mate Meszaros (HU) Marie Lambin, Ljuba Castot (US), Jennifer Mote, Vanessa Li, Rebecca Zizek and more. Her choreography has been presented at the Toronto Fringe, New Blue Festival, The Garage, The Canadian National Exhibition, Fresh Blood, Dance Matters and Toronto Original Choreographer’s Ball. She recently debuted her newest work “33/33” at the Winchester Theatre in Toronto. She is a passionate educator, having shared at over 50 studios and conventions across Canada.


Contemporary  In this highly physical and fast-moving class we’ll move across the floor with various techniques to take us in and out of the floor, focused on building core strength and stamina. We’ll build to more footwork based travelling sequences; contemporary and animalistic jumps and maneuvers with a focus on head/tail awareness and use of spine for sequential movement. We’ll continue building to a larger phrase work that challenges the body’s balance, dynamics, spatial use and inverse positions.

Lauren Cook

Lauren Cook is the Artistic Director of Alias Dance Project, a choreographer, teacher, performer and owner of The Cornerstone Studio. Cook graduated from Ryerson’s Theatre Performance Dance Program in 2005, and since has been on a quest to make more sustainable dancing opportunities for herself, her company and her community. Since becoming Artistic Director in 2012, Lauren has self-produced several theatre and site-specific productions, and showcased her work across Canada. She has worked with notable choreographers such as: Emanuel Jouthe, Heidi Strauss, David Earle, Darryl Tracey, Apolonia Velasquez, Ofilio Portillo, Allen Kaeja, Troy Feldman, Susie Burpee, Valerie Calam, Emmanuelle Le Phan and more. Lauren continuously commits to opening herself to new information in order to truly represent ‘contemporary’ art and performance, studying across Canada and Europe in disciplines such as Street Dance, Parkour, Classical dance forms and alternative techniques. As a teacher, Lauren is currently part time faculty at Ryerson University, and an Artistic Mentor for the Toronto District School Board.


Human/Animal  In this workshop we focus on the devolution of movement. Bringing us back to all fours, connecting us to the ground, challenging and questioning our bodies ability to be free. Through the exploration of momentum, resistance, impulse, power and stillness we are able to truly connect ourselves to our environment and each other. Sequences are influenced by a variety of movement forms, from classical to urban to sport. This class gives the mover the tools they need to connect to and understand how their body moves and how to push their physical limitations.


Handy “MonstaPop” Yacinthe is recognized as one of the leading forces in building the current-day Montréal popping community, inspiring the national community of Canada and influencing the culture internationally. An innovative dance creator and technical experimenter in his own right. Montréal-born of Haitian parents, he has travelled throughout Canada, Europe and Asia performing on different stages, teaching, competing in dance competitions, judging dance contests and exchanging with other specialists. His expertise and creative movement approaches have led him to coach contemporary companies like Les Ballets Jazz de Montréal, to co-choreograph for the television show America’s Best Dance Crew, to work with Franco Dragone, to direct several short films and travel the world as an educator of street dance. He has also conceived and organizes the innovative Jack of All Trades multidisciplinary urban art festival, which now also holds events in Singapore, Taiwan, India and Vancouver. In recent years, he has collaborated as creator and performer with the Cirque du Soleil, Rubberband Dance, Just for Laughs Festival, Moment Factory and more. His choreography was presented on different stages such as La Cinquième Salle de Place Des Arts in Montreal, Phoenix Stadium in Arizona (USA), Stade de Bercy in Paris (France), Stadsschouwburg Theater in Amsterdam (Holland) and more. At the core of his vision is the idea of a metropolis in constant movement, constantly moving in a direction of creativity.


Organic Mechanics  The workshops will be based on the exploration of complex techniques related to popping and its derived styles: waving, robotics, animation, etc. Handy "MonstaPop" Yacinthe will explore the mechanical aspect of movement, the kinesthetic mind set and aptitudes needed to move in such ways. The courses will visit ideas of movement such as the dissociation of the body/limb, micro muscular and joint control , micropulses and geometric ideas in space. He draws on the principles of popping (the contraction and relaxation of muscles in rhythm, isolating each part of the body to be able to activate it independently) to allow to develop a greater control but most importantly from the Boogaloo culture umbrella. Stemming from a culture which migrated from the south to California, more precisely the Bay Area.

Raoul Wilkie

Originally from Zimbabwe Africa, Raoul began his professional dance career training upon arrival to Canada. His love for learning, opened many doors to professional dance companies such as The Moon Runners, Gadfly Dance and Holla Jazz, thus creating a name in the community through mentorship, theatre and outreach programs. Performing at venues such as, (Canada Goose, The Four Seasons Hotel, Nuit Blanche, T.U.D.S etc.) had helped him bridge the gap between urban movement and had pushed his career into the commercial industry. Since then he has not only worked on film but has also choreographed his own work and has established a name, internationally through battles and social media content. Always striving to be the best of himself, he continues to travel, perform and learn from the creators of each individual style, to get the full context of not only the history but the dance itself.

Henry Miller: “One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things.”


House Dance  Class will be broken down into 4 sections.
Jacking: we will explore jacking, allowing the dancers to get a better understanding of their bodies.

Footwork and Connection: we will break apart footwork by using basics and show how simple ideas can affect movement. The connection aspect, is linking first weeks exploration and integrating it into the footwork.

Floor Work and Levels: we will be breaking down floor work and allowing dancers, moments to work on things. Many basics such as zulu spins and dolphin dives, can be connected and thus, create a nice smooth flow within the music.

Influence, Understanding and Interpretation
Using all those ideas and learning how to create your own way of movement.

Hanna Kiel

Dora nominee Hanna Kiel is from Seoul, South Korea, and moved to Vancouver in 1996. She has presented her work at 12 Minutes Max, PlanB Singles and solos Festival, Dancing on the Edge Festival and Pulse at the Scotiabank Dance Centre in Vancouver. In 2007, she collaborated with Yoko Ono as a dancer and choreographer at the Centre A. Moving to Toronto in 2008, Hanna has continued choreographing for: Rosedale Heights School of the Arts, Conteur Dance Academy, George Brown Dance, Ryerson Dances, School of Toronto Dance Theatre, Kenny Pearl’s Emerging Artist Intensive, IGNITE, ProArteDanza, Ballet Jörgen, Alias Dance Project, The National Ballet of Canada, Canadian Contemporary Dance Theatre, Toronto Dance Theatre and Decidedly Jazz Danceworks in Calgary. In 2012 she won Northwest Dance Project’s ‘Pretty Creatives’ international choreographic competition. She was an E-choreographer in 2015 for Springboard Danse Montreal. Hanna Is the artistic director of Human Body Expression and one of the founders of “The Garage” dance development and exchange collective group.


Creation Process  In this creation process, participants will be led through a creative practice and a variety of choreographic tasks that will initiate dynamic movement patterns through the entire body. In process Hanna searches for movement that is extremely physical and completely free.