Alias Dance Project approaches dance as a form that is always changing. Our point of view is never stagnant. In creation we are inspired by spontaneity, and the beautful mistakes that can come out of raw human interactions. We are diverse in our traning backgrounds and artistic stories. As a group we thrive off of each other’s individual creative voices. As dancers we belive in traning our bodies in a highly physical way that opens ourselves to new possibilities in physicality and movement. We thrive to keep our work fresh from one moment to the next, maintaining an openness for any artistic impulses or visions that come our way. By breaking down traditional forms of dance and playing with unlikely relationships, states and situations, we challenge ourselves as well as our audiences to view dance through a new lens. Alias Dance Project is powerful, risky, and unexpected.

Lauren Cook is the Artistic Director of Alias Dance Project, a choreographer, teacher, performer and owner of The Cornerstone Studio. Cook graduated from Ryerson’s Theatre Performance Dance Program in 2005, and since has been on a quest to make more sustainable dancing opportunities for herself, her company and her community. Since becoming Artistic Director in 2012, Lauren has self-produced several theatre and site-specific productions, and showcased her work across Canada. She has worked with notable choreographers such as: Emanuel Jouthe, Heidi Strauss, David Earle, Darryl Tracey, Apolonia Velasquez, Ofilio Portillo, Allen Kaeja, Troy Feldman, Susie Burpee, Valerie Calam, Emmanuelle Le Phan and more. Lauren continuously commits to opening herself to new information in order to truly represent ‘contemporary’ art and performance, studying across Canada and Europe in disciplines such as Street Dance, Parkour, Classical dance forms and alternative techniques. As a teacher, Lauren is currently part time faculty at Ryerson University, and an Artistic Mentor for the Toronto District School Board.

Caitlin Amodeo is an Ottawa born dance artist, teacher and administrator. Shortly after receiving her Bachelor’s of Fine Arts in Dance from Ryerson University in 2011, Caitlin was invited by Lauren Cook to train with Alias Dance Project, joining the company later that year. Caitlin has worked with many incredible choreographers including: David Earle, Heidi Strauss, Darryl Tracy, Roberto Campanella, Robert Glumbeck, Sharon Moore, Ryan Lee, Troy Feldman, Allen Kaeja, Ofilio Portillo, Emmanuelle Le Phan, Valerie Calam, Apolonia Velasquez, Lauren Cook, Hanna Kiel, Kate Nankervis, and Francesca Chudnoff. Caitlin is a teacher and the manager of The Cornerstone Studio, and in 2015 was an Artist in Residence through TDSB Creates. Recent performances include: slowly I forget by Lauren Cook, in between by Francesca Chudnoff, and a new commissioned work by Hanna Kiel, presented as a part of Alias’ Animating Historic Spaces.

Francesca Chudnoff is a Toronto based dance artist, illustrator and film maker. She has been training and performing in a variety of movement forms since moving to Toronto at the age of 15. In 2007, Francesca was welcomed to CCDT as company member. During her time with the company, she performed in contemporary dance works by Colin Connor, Santee Smith, Andrea Nann, Melanie Kloetzel, and Carol Anderson. Francesca continued to dance with CCDT until 2009, when she was accepted into the Dance Program at Ryerson University. While at Ryerson, she had the privilege of working with some of Toronto’s leading choreographers: Hanna Kiel, Apolonia Valequz & Ofilio Portilio (Gadfly), Valerie Calam, and David Earle. During her summers off between semesters, Francesca ambitiously sought out programs where she could continue to expand her training and knowledge. She had the the opportunity to spend her summers working with Victor Quijada and Anne Plamondon of Rubberbandance Group. Francesca is currently a choreographer, interpreter and Co-Assistant Artistic Director of Alias Dance Project. Alias allows Francesca to continue to break down traditional forms of dance and play with unlikely relationships, states and situations.

Nigel Edwards is a young aspiring artist known for breaking the boundaries in dance. He has been dancing professionally for 7 years with the internationally known dance crew The Moon Runners. Nigel uses animation, waving and miming to make his style come to life and continues to inspire, innovate and create through dance. With the Moon Runners, Nigel has won numerous International street dance battles and competitions such as: Team Canada Hip Hop international 2014 (Las Vegas); Hip Hop National preselected team 2014; Harbourfront Battle Championship 2012-2013; Canada Pro Championship 2010; Beatdown Hip Hop Competition Champions 2010. In 2015, Nigel created and produced Contact, a performance series of improvisational shows, which experiment through randomly pairing together dance artists into duets. Nigel’s recent performances include Alias Dance Project’s productions of f.stop / let the light in, and Animating Historic Spaces at the North York Zion Schoolhouse.

Troy Feldman is a Toronto based actor, dancer, parkour artist, acrobat and stuntman. Troy launched his professional career in the Dora Award winning production, Lord of the Rings (Mirvish Productions). His theatre credits include: The Forbidden Phoenix (Citadel Theatre/LKTYP), A Soldier’s Tale (Theatre Aquarius), Jesus Christ Superstar (Tivoli Theatre),The Walrus and the Carpenter (Rose Hill Theatre), and The Heart of Robin Hood (Mirvish Productions). Film/TV Credits include: White Collar Criminals, Stepping Up 2, Troymotion and Stuntman. Troy is known for his unique free style movement combining acrobatics, breaking, free running, contemporary and house. A self-taught dancer, Troy has been a part of various crews including Warehouse Jacks, Albino Zebras, Supernaturals, ABS Crew, Conscious Souls, and Gadfly Dance Company. Troy is a member of Alias Dance Project, and has been actively choreographing and performing with Alias since 2010 throughout Toronto, North Bay and The Yukon.

Amanda Davis is a Toronto based dancer and educator with a BFA in Theatre Performance Dance from Ryerson University. Amanda has had the privilege of working with Coleman Lemieux & Compagnie, Valerie Calam (Company Vise Versa) and Hanna Kent (skindivers dance company). In 2013 Amanda travelled to Stuttgart, Germany to premiere a solo work choreographed by Hanna Kent entitled Treibsand at the 17th Internationales Solo-Tanz-Theatre Festival. Amanda has also performed in the Toronto Fringe Festival and Fashion Arts Toronto. Amanda works closely with the Royal Conservatory of Music as an artist educator partnering with principals, teachers and students across Toronto to promote learning through the arts. Amanda is grateful and excited to be dancing with Alias Dance Project. Her most recent Alias performances include: in between by Francesca Chudnoff, and a collaborative work for Animating Historic Spaces.

Catherine Turcotte is a Hip Hop dancer from Montréal who has graduated from the contemporary dance program at Saint-Laurent College. She has a strong background in competitive choreography while her expertise is rooted in improvisation. The past four years Catherine has travelled with her work in dance to Sweden, France and the United States and, has competed in freestyle battles between Montréal and Toronto that include championship victories such as: "The Afternoon Jam", "Bonnie and Clyde", "Shut Up and Dance crew battle" , "It takes two", "Fired Up Stillogy" and "Area 51 fundraiser 2013" battle. Catherine is excited to be dancing and creating with Alias Dance Project. Her most recent Alias performances include Untitled Woman: 1991, a solo work by Francesca Chudnoff, and a new commissioned work by Hanna Kiel as a part of their Animating Historic Spaces production. Catherine is a strong believer in creating bridges within artistic communities as she aspires to make the local community evolve and grow through the expression of art.