FOUNDING MEMBERS Meghan Cafferky (2006 - 2011), Lauren Cook (2006 - present), Geordan Coupland (2006 - 2012)

& INTERPRETERSGita Harris (2008 - 2013), Andrea Spaziani (2008 - 2011), Sarah Yu (2006 - 2011)

Alias Dance Project was co-founded in 2006 by contemporary dance artists Lauren Cook, Geordan Coupland and urban dance artist Meghan Cafferky. The purpose of Alias was to experiment with the fusion of urban and contemporary dance styles in an open and collaborative spirit. The result of this experiment was Alias Dance Project’s first work "Decoded", which premiered at the Montreal Fringe Festival in June 2007.

With a desire to bridge the gap between audiences of the urban and contemporary dance communities, Alias DanceProject began by commissioning artists that were capable of creating work that could be seen and appreciated through both lenses.

Their first commission was Valerie Calam, an artist who is well versed in street dance forms and who uses this knowledge to push the evelop of contemporary dance. This commission was followed by a creation period with Montreal powerhouse duo, Jodee Allen and Helen Simard of Solid State Breakdance.

With the support of The Toronto Arts Council, Alias Dance Project began to solidify their identity and set new standards for artistic collaborations in Toronto. Collaborative commissions over the next few years included Heidi Strauss & Apolonia Velasquez "Forward Grade", Allen Kaeja & Troy Feldman "Pipe", Emmanuelle Le Phan & Valerie Calam "Life Line".

In spring of 2013, with the support of the Toronto Arts Council and the Ontario Arts Council, Alias co-produced Shifting Edges, a DanceWorks CoWorks series event, at Dancemakers Centre for Creation. In October 2013, Shifting Edges was nominated for Production of the Year at the Gadfly Dance Awards in Toronto. Shortly afterwards, Lauren Cook was nominated and awarded the 2013 Emerging Artist of the Year at the Soul Pepper Theatre Dance Awards.